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Tuesday, April 18th 2017

8:00 AM

Southport Easter Festival Review

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Here's a wee review I posted on Sylvia's forum as well, just for you.

The three winners all seemed danceable, and Robins Swing (so called because Graham and Avril have Robins nesting in their garden ) looks like a good candidate for both Modern and Social Dance Clubs.

La Passione Waltz fits together well, and doesn't have any elements that are (IMO, never humble) too difficult, although the section with the curves and swivel needs to be aligned correctly to avoid awkward looking body positions.

The Chartwell CCC looks very busy on paper, but is at the same time a good standard CCC that should please a lot of folks, personally I love split Cubans, more would be even better

Each section had a goodly number of entries, and they were whittled down to either five or six dances in each final. Genuinely there was a good bit of quality out on the floor, and it all depends on YOUR definition as to "did the best dance win" - -

Great to see David and Eileen into the Latin Final with their Jive, Congratulations to them, looks a good club dance to me!

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