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Sunday, January 21st 2018

1:44 PM

No Thanks - - READ

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Sunday, November 12th 2017

5:45 PM

Wherefore art thou?

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So, having been away for over a month, I feel we need to get back to promotong SD as much as possible.

Do you have an entry here on our Dancing Events Page, for example? Costs you nothing except the time to enter your dance(s).

Have you an entry on "Are You Dancing" (Google it) - - nothing to do with me I might add, but entries are again free and only take up a tad of your time.

How about your local library or community centres, especially if you run a dance in a community venue? And often you can distribute an A5 size advert via the local authority internal mail for free if you ask nicely and hand in enough copies to cover their venues. [ Laminated is better for this if you can, they will last longer and it looks more professional ]

There are other free resources similar to "Are You Dancing", let us know here if you come across any,others may be able to use them as well.

This is just the start, any more ideas welcome

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Thursday, November 9th 2017

11:35 AM

Are we at the end then?

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Given, yes, it's not new news, but the latest ISDC news letter from Audrey says most of it, if not all of it! None of us getting any younger, numbers dwindling, no younger members coming into SD at any level except a few - - the list goes on - - illness and infirmness, sad to say that the only organisation exclusively solely dedicated to SD is to finish up after 2018 Bridlington.

So where next? and what next? We have a reasonably surviving social/popular sequence club but now find we are including two Ballroom dances and a Line Dance every week out of 14 dances, 25 tracks.

Dashing White Sergeant anyone?
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Tuesday, November 7th 2017

3:16 PM

Back to Old Clothes and Porridge

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That's us back from an enjoyable time in Spain. Caught up with a lot of folks and danced Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday Tea Dances, Fridays and some Dinner Dances as well!

A bit much in some ways in the heat!

And then there's no doubting nine new dances out in the interim, plus some more from the UKA weekend as well!

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Tuesday, October 17th 2017

11:22 AM

Sunny Spain

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Here we are in Spain, enjoying 25 deg plus and sunshine. We're dancing Monday, Tuesday, Wenesday Tea Dance and Friday (to Raymond Chuchuk live), plus we've a couple of Dinner Dances on the go as well!

It's hectic I tell 'eee!

Looking at bookings, we will have a tuition slot available from November when we get back, could be for Sequence or Ballroom/Latin, details soon in Events Page.

Take Care, Keep on Dancing

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Thursday, September 7th 2017

12:12 PM

The Forum Here

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Most of you will know there is an under utilised forum page (three sections) onsite here, just take the link in the sidebar on the main pages, and this is/was maintained as a back up in case of failure of the main MSD forum on Peter's and subsequently Sylvia's website.

You are always welcome to make regular or occasional postings there on dance related items.

Dreich day here in Edinburgh, busy putting together tomorrow's music programme and dances for our Friday dance at Carrickvale here in edinburgh - - all welcome as usual for an afternoon of Social and Popular sequence with a  couple of Ballroom dances thrown in!

Take Care and Keep on Sequence Dancing!

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Sunday, September 3rd 2017

8:07 PM

Saturday - -

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Had a good night at East Whitburn, enjoyed the dancing, and starting to come onto being a bit up-to-date after our time off.

Our own Social Tea Dance on Friday was well attended, and we managed to lead off all of the dances except the Jazz Twinkle, which we never do anyway, so pleased there as well.

Wondering about what will come out of Bridlington at the ISDC competition  - - suppose we'll just have to see!


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Thursday, August 31st 2017

6:17 PM

Retail Therapy

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Went shopping today, ostensibly for some new tee=shirts for me - - did I get any? Of course not, but the Boss got two new tops and a skirt.

Lunch out, and back to getting tomorrow's programme and music sorted !

Such is life! I sit here - Chauffer to the Boss - and otherwise dogsbody :-)


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Sunday, August 27th 2017

7:54 PM

Sunday Dancesport Tea Dance

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Went off to Bowhouse Centre at Grangemouth today, Sunday 27th August and had a very pleasant three hours of mixed Ballroom, Latin and some Sequence Dancing.

No pressures, just some folks enjoying both participating in and watching the dancing, run by Dancesport Scotland, and a big thanks to Tibor and Hilary for their selection of music to suit all the genres on the programme. Caught up with a few folks we haven't seen for a couple of years - -

Nice afternoon, topped off with a good meal out on the way home!

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Sunday, August 20th 2017

3:37 PM

Cue Music - Saturday Night at the Dancing

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Had a good night at Whitburn, getting back to normal again. Still not liking the running spin in the Waltz though = pain!

Sorry to see some or most of Sylvia's pages being closed soon - - Seabreeze Dancing in Australia - - I'll update my notes to reflect just as quickly as I can.

I believe the MSD forum will continue together with the Competition Results, but alas, no longer her informational pages

All part of the gradual erosion of Sequence Danceing I suppose :-(


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