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Tuesday, February 21st 2017

10:25 AM

A quick Reminder about Holidays

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You can post details of any Dance Holidays you may organise onto the "Dancing Events"pages, see the links alongside or on any main website page.

If you're thinking of a Dance holiday, check out the same pages to see if there's anything to suit you?

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Thursday, February 9th 2017

5:25 PM

"Are You Dancing?"

Here's a site (I have no connection or vested interest) that offers both free and paid listings for dances, lessons, and classes for the whole of the UK.


on a self-entry basis.  A paid ad costs £10 + VAT for a year so that's coppers a week - - but of course you can try a freebie ad first - try before you buy I suppose.

After I've finished this Fridays programme, I think I'll give it a whirl -- what to lose?

Link should work, but you may have to cut and paste into your browser - - -

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Monday, February 6th 2017

4:06 PM

Not just MSD - -

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Been hearing that some other areas of dance are also suffering dwindling numbers despite the annual increase in enquiries "aprés strictly". Fielded three queries on Ballroom/Latin out to other teachers in the area - we find running classes a tad stressing wondering if we will get enough to cover costs each week.

Also an enquiry about Sequence tuition to deal with today or tomorrow, but no partner and never danced.

And Dancesport seems to be shrinking also - - when we danced in Comps there would be competitions every weekend of the year,  up here there's now only three or four in the whole year, so dancers have to plan to travel to compete. Sad, but true!


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Sunday, February 5th 2017

2:00 PM

Settling down

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Things seem to be settling down after the seasonal break - - new dances out, including a Quickstep, and all seeming well liked. Doesn't though, seem to be affecting the steady decline in Modersn Sequence numbers.  Various of the venues we attend are steadily declining in numbers, age, illness and failings of memory appear to be the main culprits.

Is the solution to cater more generally? We added a couple of Ballroom dances to each of our programmes at our Tea Dance on Fridays at Carrickvale - website - http://www.carrickvalesdc.co.uk and this, together with keeping some of the oldies but goodies and also adding in some simpler modern sequence dances is showing us a steady (small though) increase in numbers.

Also I'm adding links where I can, there's a few dance websites that allow a free entry in different areas and styles, and hwo knows, for the few minutes work involved, even another two couples coming along can make a big difference at some venues. I will try and add a listing odf these for those who want to follow through on this one.

Take Care and Keep on Dancing

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Sunday, January 22nd 2017

11:06 AM

Smaller Venues at Inventives

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Some comments about the size of floor at Dunston and the recent NCDTA Inventive.

Fine about the comments on the size of venues, but also notice that it's all part of the general decline in MSD numbers - - if you want to pay £30 a ticket OR MORE for a day's Inventive comp, then that's OK! - - to hire a bigger hall

The ADA at Southport for example is to be in the smaller venue at the Prince of Wales hotel which is lovely, but definitely smaller than the Floral Halls - - lack of numbers in MSD to blame?

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Saturday, January 14th 2017

5:09 PM

ThreeNew Ones out tomorrow

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so the year starts again - - and where do we go from here with attendances falling in Modern Sequence, but increasing in many Social Sequence Clubs?

Is there any way to keep numbers up and folks coming into MSD? - - 'twould be good if there was.

Come Damce with Us - - you can enter your Dance Event or MSD or SSD club on the Dance Events page. Enter it yourself, take the "Dance Event" link from the sidebar on any main page of the site.

Take Care, Keep on Dancing!

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Tuesday, January 10th 2017

12:22 PM

Here we are again - -

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- - back able to see well enough again to keep up the Blog and the rest of the website! My first lot of eye surgery has gone well, and we have started back after the New Year with our Friday Club Tea dances at Carrickvale - - see entry under the Events pages.

Driving fully again soon hopefully!  Danced newest Rumba Monday (GoldenRain) and waiting for new dances this weekend.

Remember, you can all use the Events pages to enter your dances free of charge, just take the link alongside the main website pages and DIY, appears  without waiting up to a year.

Keep on Dancing!


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Thursday, October 13th 2016

2:43 PM

TOR - - the scourge of the Internet

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I'm supposed to be here in Spain on vacation, sun is glorious, warm, looking forward to a nice meal out tonight - - but!

I'm busy fielding SPAM of porn, meds, money scams - - you name it flowing into our wee forum from behind a"freedom of speech" barriere provided by the iniquitous TOR PROJECT. Today's crop of 137 spamscams included over 110 hidden behind TOR relays, the other 27 came from RU sources.

But the TOR developers say that I should be altruistic enough to accept the 110 piles of BS and crap to help those who are presently oppressed and unable to use the internet because of regimeious governments. They accept no responsibilitry for the tide of spam and filthe coming from their servers/relays!

I'm not sure I can, I've NEVER, repeat NEVER had a mail from a TOR relay that isn't crap I need to field!
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Sunday, August 7th 2016

5:33 PM

Today's Dances

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An Old Time Waltz, a Samba, and a Tango!

Underwhelmed am I - - and I suspect most will only really teach the Tango

--- and SD dies a wee bit more ?


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Sunday, June 12th 2016

4:33 PM

The Hamster Wheel

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another three new danes out next Sunday ?  Myself and Mrs Mel will be at Dunbane for the Inventive afternoon, and then the teaching!

Maybe a nice Blues would be good - - a\ny other requests?

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