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Saturday, August 19th 2017

4:01 PM

Been again to MSD

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Like the Rumba and dancing it (Faustino), the Winscar Waltz is not doing my knees any good in the running spin and untwist, so don't know if it will (for me) personally stick.

Our numbers up again at Friday Social class at Carrickvale, and we have our Summer Party next Friday at 1.30 for 1.45 p.m., hope to see lots there for that one!

Whitburn tonight at Hen's Nest Road - - there's an address for you - - withTom and Cath, see what we can dance there!

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Tuesday, August 15th 2017

3:16 PM

Some more MSD tonight

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We're heading over to Rannoch tonight to follow up on the Winscar W and R faustino, plus catchy-up with the folks there, haven't been for a while due ops and health.

Friday 25th (see entry in events listing) we are having an afternoon Summer Part Dance, Buffet and more 1.45 as usual at Carrickvale.

Keep on Dancing

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Sunday, August 13th 2017

6:01 PM

MSD last night

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Went out to Whitburn last night - - not done much in the way of Modern Sequence lately, so it was good to get back into it a bit - - Winscar Waltz and Rumba Faustino.

Sort of "managed" them nboth, but will need a bit more work before we are happy with them.

Keep On Dancing

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Saturday, August 12th 2017

12:30 PM

Super Summer Party 25th August

Well, Boss Lady Ella is back on form a bit and we are looking forward to some of the new dances, but mainly as to being able to lead off at our Friday Tea dances.

Friday 25th August we've decided to have a Summer Party afterbnoon to celebrate a tad, Buffet, good Music, Good company at our usual venue at Carrickvale Community Centre. Looking foward to it!

More details up on the Dacing Events Page, click the link!

Keep on Dancing!

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Sunday, June 18th 2017

12:36 PM

New Dances Later Today

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We had hoped to be at the Inventive today, however I'm still recovering from my cataract operation earlier this last week, Wednesday, so it was not to be - - [:-|]

And the lovely Ella is still awaiting word about her first new knee operation so we have cut back to just our Tea Dance on the Friday, I only have to play the music there, the old dances don't need much in the way of leading.[:-?]

So we await word of the new dances along with you all, and with bated breath - - [:)s]

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Wednesday, June 7th 2017

3:14 PM

Just a wee note

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Just a wee note, things are slowing slightly with the onset of Spring and Summer next Tuesday week , summer in the morning, spring in the afternoon probably, that even though numbers are dropping slightly, we will stay open for our weekly Tea Dance at Carrickvale Community Centre.

As well, we are staying open for our Prvate and other lessons by request. Details or more, email us using


substituting where obvious.

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Wednesday, May 10th 2017

12:20 PM

Strictly a tad off topic

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Good appointment IMO for a new judge at Strictly - - Shirey Ballas. We remember her dancing with Sammy Stopford as well - a superb Latin dancer and expert in the genre as well as being (of course) well versed in Ballroom generally.

I hope and think she will continue where Len leaves off in giving as much "proper" dance comment and advice.as possible from a "real" dancers viewpoint.

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Tuesday, April 18th 2017

8:00 AM

Southport Easter Festival Review

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Here's a wee review I posted on Sylvia's forum as well, just for you.

The three winners all seemed danceable, and Robins Swing (so called because Graham and Avril have Robins nesting in their garden ) looks like a good candidate for both Modern and Social Dance Clubs.

La Passione Waltz fits together well, and doesn't have any elements that are (IMO, never humble) too difficult, although the section with the curves and swivel needs to be aligned correctly to avoid awkward looking body positions.

The Chartwell CCC looks very busy on paper, but is at the same time a good standard CCC that should please a lot of folks, personally I love split Cubans, more would be even better

Each section had a goodly number of entries, and they were whittled down to either five or six dances in each final. Genuinely there was a good bit of quality out on the floor, and it all depends on YOUR definition as to "did the best dance win" - -

Great to see David and Eileen into the Latin Final with their Jive, Congratulations to them, looks a good club dance to me!

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Wednesday, April 5th 2017

6:10 PM

Now for something not Sequence - -

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Here you go - -


Our Grandaughter's YouTube showreel. Lauren is a Professional Dancer and Choreographer and has worked throughout the UK, and in Bollywood movies, plus appearing with Salman Khan on TV in India.

Naturally, we don't can;t do any of this stuff - - -

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Saturday, April 1st 2017

9:02 PM

Carrickvale Dance Club

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Friday Dance Club Carrickvale 7th April 2017

Friday Dance Club as usual on Friday 7th at 1.30 for 1.45p.m.

Friday's Dance programme includes dances from - - and in no particular order - -  the following

Saunter Together, Scotia ( Valentino ) Jive, Rumba Royale, Ballentine Bossa Nova, Balmoral Blues, Tango Manhatten, Lace Agate Swing, Alpine Stroll, Harry Lime Foxtrot, Jazz Twinkle, Sweetheart Waltz and others.

All welcome at the friendliest club around. Good music, onsite Cafe, Parking. Call Mel and Ella for more info or details on M 07815 736043

Carrickvale Community Centre, 2 Saughton Mains Street, EDINBURGH.  The postcode for SatNav is EH11 3HH.

NOTE:- Club is closed following week Good Friday 14th April

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